Coal.2 juni 2019- maart 2020


 Ensemble of Planet Reserved (Deed) and photograph of planetaryRESERVEDobject 9b

presentation in Coal.2

Henk Wijnen composed the work Symphony Of A Bridge, incorporating sound, photography and video, in 1988. The main aspect of the work was the steel arch bridge in the district of Vianen. For this purpose, he received project subsidies from the city of Vianen as well as the Province of Utrecht.

The differing and changing views of a pedestrian, car driver or boatman were recorded in video and sound. The bridge and the fixed crossing point of two motions – above, the roaring traffic and the pedestrians crossing the bridge, and below, the sluggish river with its boats and barges – were recorded in photographs and paintings.

Ten years later, in 1998, Wijnen drove over the bridge towards Vlissingen together with Wim van Sijl. They discussed the threatened demolition of the bridge. Soon afterwards, a foundation by Wim van Sijl was established for preservation of the steel arch bridge. I became one of the foundation's advisors until 2022. He has litigated at the highest level to preserve this



 bridge as an art-project. In that year, the bridge was finally demolished by order of Rijkswaterstaat. The historical pillars and foundations have been preserved.

In the year 2000, Wijnen reserved a conceptual exoplanet for his birthday under the name RESERVED#2050. He also predicted that scientists would discover a habitable exoplanet by 2050. For reserving various terrestrial buildings on Earth, he designed a "stamp" which would mark various buildings in France, Polen, Germany and The Netherlands as ready for cosmological transfiguration. 

In 2013, Wijnen painted the "stamp" on the traffic deck of the steel arch bridge. The arch in photomontage of planetaryRESERVEDobject 9b displays a picture of the future, a new design for both the reutilization of the bridge and for future space voyages.



"planetairRESERVEDobject No 31"  2013 museum MIJ IJSSELSTEIN tentoonstelling "Vrijplaats bij MIJ" 2019

black paint on wall



2.  Internationale Biennale der Künstler √Codes Geheimnisse und Botschaften 08.08. - 27.09. 2015 Haus der Kunst München Germany TAG black paint on wall / Prints on wallpaper

article Süd Deutsche Zeitung 2017 Haus der Kunst München Reserved for the future 

Galerie Foe Reserved for the future  -  Internationale Ausstellung Mille Baci 2012 


 "INTERWENCJE" international exhibition Regional Historical Museum Janow Lubelski 'Reserved for the future' Polen 2004

april - mei 2008 artist in residence Tasmanië Launceston: lectures university Launceston and Hobart

edition of poetry book "TAS in een BUNDELTJE (BAG in a BUNDLE ) 2018 Boekie Woekie Amsterdam

 1 of the 50 former Amsterdam ballot boxes reserved and in transfiguration to planet RESERVED#2050" 2006

reservation and in concept proposal to preserve Stenen Hoofd 2006 location Van Diemenstraat-Westerdoksdijk Amsterdam

 "Symfonie van een Brug" "Symphony of a Bridge" > presentations:  4e 1988 in Museum MIJ IJsselstein    3e KünstVerein Ingolstadt 1991 Germany

                                                                       2e Centraal Museum Utrecht   1989 / 1990   1e Time Based Arts/Montevideo Amsterdam