is the name of a digital drawing that visualizes the 1st particle, the 1st movement of the cosmos: a square with a diagonal broken line divides two color areas in yellow and blue. These represent gold and Lapis Lazuli. The two materials that symbolize material man, incorporated in many cultures and visible in various works of art from the different eras of man.

1st epoch after the big bang
In ± 500 digital drawings I have visualized the 1st epoch, the miniscule time interval from 10-34 to 10-27 sec in which the universe had a magnification factor between 10+30 and 10+100. This according to the theory of Alan Guth. This theory is called Grand Unification Theory, or GUT.
I have put a space between the letters: G U T. This gives me space to interpret and visualize this era.

"If the Big Bang is an illusion then it at least gives me enough inspiration to visualize the first particle of the origin of the universe. As far as I know no one has ever done this. Perhaps because the whole idea of ​​a universe is an illusion and has no right to exist in the alleged reality called the observable world, in that in which we seem to live."
- "The big bang and the 1st era is the greatest collective memory we have"

The basis of this design is the shape of the pillars in the historic building Het Veem, where I have had my studio since 1983

detail van 1 vd 4 gietijzeren pilaren in de ateliers is