visualization of the first particle of the cosmos  

- The Big Bang with the 1st era of the cosmos is the greatest collective memory of any living being -

1st era of the Big Bang

A miniscule interval of 10-43 to 10-27 seconds during the Big Bang, in which the universe expanded by a factor of 1030 to 10100  and reached an initial temperature of 1030 degrees Celsius. This corresponds to the theory of Alan Guth, whose theory bears the name Grand Unification Theory (GUT).


The Planet Reserved deed was issued on 12 October 2019

in collaboration with notary office Blokhuis & Duinstra

      The main content of the deed is as follows

  • it relates to an exoplanet (i.e. a planet outside the Solar System)
  • the exoplanet is reserved for art
  • the exoplanet is not yet identified
  • it will be an exoplanet that supports human life
  • it has more or less the same conditions as planet Earth
  • to be identified and established by scientists
  • it will be named "RESERVED#2050" (abbreviated to "R#2050")
  • it is declared to be "Intellectual Planetary Heritage Thought"
  • 57 signatories, 43 of whom are present at the signing event


An invitation to hold the "Free Space MIJ" Exhibition at Museum MIJ gave sufficient reason to implement the concept of reserving an exoplanet, with the result that free space for the arts will be expanded to cosmic dimensions.

The exoplanet R#2050, to be identified in the future, is declared by means of this deed to be an Intellectual Heritage Thought (Intellectuele Erfgoed Gedachte, IEG). Since an extraterrestrial planetary is involved here, it does not relate to a worldly heritage and it definitely merits expansion to the correct, new title of Intellectual Planetary Heritage Thought (Intellectuele Planetair Erfgoed Gedachte, IPEG)*.


       * In 2020, the title was expanded by adding the word "Art" to become "Intellectual Planetary Art Heritage Thought" (IPEKG - IPHAT )


  • The deed is drawn up by the notary Anco Blokhuis and the notary Tjerk Duinstra of the Blokhuis & Duinstra notarial office, in IJsselstein

  • The concept of reserving an exoplanet has existed since the year 2000. I gave myself this as a gift on my 50th birthday

  • It has become a project in the course of years, has not gone unnoticed, and has undergone development through several national and international art exhibitions

  • The last participation but one in this project took place on an invitation by curator Pavel Zelechovski to participate in 2. Biennale der Künstler √CODES, Haus der Kunst, in Munich 2015

  • The Reservation Project arose spontaneously in the Paris Metro in 1978, as the first collaboration with Jockel Heenes (

  • The entire project is divisible into multiple time scales and parallel developments

  • An intensive collaboration with Jockel Heenes developed from 1978 to 1983, during which "reservations" took place primarily in international public open spaces. See Page 3, Reservation Service

43 signatories from left to right
on the steps:

Boudewijn Paaijens, Rob Ruimers, Corien Alschbach Rietveld, Lonneke Drinkwaard, René Hartog, Magdalena Jesionek, Marina Jozina van Hees, Anke Schuijlenburg, Marike Stokker, Véroon van den Heuvel, Andreas Strübin,

Bart Rietveld, Eva Gonggrijp, Hettie van Eghten, Jan Voss, Piet Winkelaar, Carlo Bó, Mila Jansen, Rogeria Burgers,

Martijn van de Griendt, George Terberg, Yonne van de Griendt, Hugo Boxhoorn, Kitty Doomernik

on the front:

Jeroen Werner, Bülent Evren, Signe Zeillich Jensen, Nico van Sijl*, Merapi Obermayer, Lucas Silawanebessy,

Wim van Sijl, Frans Lampe, Anco Blokhuis, Lous America, Erik Dijkstra, Editha Verbaan, Torill Wijnen,

Petra Hunsche, Kevin Bonet, Tjerk Duinstra, Kim Juli Muijres, Jan IJzerman, Linda Bouws, Bert Murk, Joseph Semah,

Im Sook Yoo*

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *interested parties

                              project space Coal.2   "Ensemble RESERVED#2050" mei 2019 - march 2020

                              deed "PLANET RESERVED" was signed on desk and chair in the Historic Town Hall of IJsselstein

                              platform, desk with G U T-Lehrstuhl, stamp holder, deed, and in the background photo of planetair-Reserved-object No 9B

19 oktober 2019


Invitations and  postcards in reprint (2019) with developments of the “Reservation Service 1978/1983 with Jockel Heenes on the back

print  IJ-drukkerij Marijn van de Griendt